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Funfair hoose - Katie Jo Anderson

A Wilding Night *WINNER* - Wildings o' Galloway

Reve - George Para

Look... - Sian Yeshe

High Street Wanderer - Orin Propanalol

Walkers - UgLy LoGo

I want to talk about the future *WINNER* - Sian Yeshe

We are Wildings - WEE WILDINGS

Lady Devorgilla inna Hoose

Traces - Rory Laycock

Wings *WINNER* - Maria Ruiz Plana

Who lives in a hoose like this? - Grazzi

A Nychburrily Gethrin - A. Larry Burn

Tin-type Generation - Concursum X D-Lux 2017

All the guys are here - Baby Sasquatch

Kings *WINNER* - George Para

Last Day Alive - George Para

The Lost Supper

Got to do something - Sian Yeshe

Blueprint 100 - Blueprint 100

Windows on time - Hammy Valleys

The Sparling - Galloway Fisheries Trust

Northwest Wildlings *WINNER* - Wee Wildlings

Snow Day - Orin Propanalol

ChangeD&G - Maria Ruiz Plana

The Tragedy of Lady Green - Lynn Clouden

Goose Hoose - LiTe


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Why not make a film for the Hoose?

The Hoose is filled with videos made by local people – but we want more! See below for how to get involved.

Why have we done this?

Dumfries town centre was once home to a thriving community of thousands of people. Local people, groups and organisations are working towards breathing new life into the High Street by creating new housing above the shops and bring people back to live here. This project is part of that effort.

Who made the videos?

People from Dumfries and beyond – you can make one too if you like.

About the project

This work has been created by D-Lux, commissioned by the Midsteeple Quarter Project and supported by Dumfries and Galloway Council

The Midsteeple Quarter is a community-led initiative to breathe new life into Dumfries town centre by developing a section of the High Street as a live/work quarter.

For more details, visit

Make a film!

We want more 30 second films to make the Hoose Jukebox even better. We only ask that you don’t post your films to a website. You can make them on a mobile phone.

Need help?

You could come to a workshop if you want to know more.

For more details go to to the D-lux website at or email us at

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